More than just a man

Our hope is found in the fact that Jesus came to be the final Passover Lamb, not just a great teacher and a miracle healer.

Paul David Tripp Journey to the Cross Day 38

A common struggle we face is enough. I don’t have enough time. I don’t have enough money. When I have time I don’t have money and when I have money I don’t have time. I didn’t do enough. I didn’t say enough. I’m not enough. The sentiment is torturous to us as we equate it with failure, inadequacy. But Dr. Tripp takes that concept and points out ways our perception of Jesus may not be enough and that’s a good thing! It’s not enough that Jesus was a great teacher. It’s not enough that he healed the sick. It’s not enough that he confronted false religion. It’s not enough that he sent the disciples out with a theological message. We needed more, but the good news is he is more. He is the Passover Lamb. He is the fulfillment of the covenant promises of old. His blood covers and cleanses us and that is enough. Because that is enough we are enough! We can rest in the knowledge that we don’t have to be enough, because he is!

The next few days of the Christian calendar are somber. They are filled with betrayal, beatings, and brutality. But take heart, Sunday is coming! The darkness of the days ahead will not last and neither will the dark days you face.

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