He who will not be ignored – the dog I do not want.

You’ve entered the mind of Portia Stephens…

or my version of the world anyway. I am a 50 something widow with two adult children (boys – oops men) and a dog that is really my son’s but somehow lives with me. I live in a small town in Central Texas, work with kids with learning disabilities at a private Christian school. My kids are primarily 6-12th grade students with Dyslexia, ADHD, and few kids on the Spectrum. A job I did not choose, it chose me!

I attend a non-denominational church but hang out with Baptists, a lot.

I’ve been greatly impacted by the GriefShare Program and involved in the team that leads it at my church.

This is a collection of my reflections on life that a few folks have urged me to share.

Want the password to my prayer list? Just ask, it’s got lots of names, I didn’t want to make it public!