Welcome to my world!

It’s scary here in my mind — but come on in and have a look around. I am master of nothing but have learned a few things from spending more than 50 years on the planet.

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Who let the dogs out?

This morning I was frantically trying to get everything taken care of in preparation for leaving town later. I was on the phone with the insurance company, my sweet yardman was been here and Tucker is pawing at me to go out. In my distracted state, I assumed that the yard was done and let … Continue reading Who let the dogs out?

Happy New Year!!

Today I start my first Pfysical New Year. I had the revelation back in April and in case you wondered, these things I write really come from my heart and impact my life! I haven’t forgotten about the new word I made up nor the intentions behind. I spent the first part of June just … Continue reading Happy New Year!!

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