Welcome to my world!

It’s scary here in my mind — but come on in and have a look around. I am master of nothing but have learned a few things from spending more than 50 years on the planet.

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A toast to Ryan and Starr

I am both so privildged and overwhelmed to be the only parent here tonight. I can’t let this opportunity pass without acknowledging that this moment would not be possible, Ryan, without your dad who would have loved ever moment of this whole entire year. It is because of his deep love, devotion, hard work and … Continue reading A toast to Ryan and Starr

Who let the dogs out?

This morning I was frantically trying to get everything taken care of in preparation for leaving town later. I was on the phone with the insurance company, my sweet yardman was been here and Tucker is pawing at me to go out. In my distracted state, I assumed that the yard was done and let … Continue reading Who let the dogs out?

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