Welcome to my world!

It’s scary here in my mind — but come on in and have a look around. I am master of nothing but have learned a few things from spending more than 50 years on the planet.

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On starting over … at 60!

Last summer was probably THE best summer ever. It started with Ryan and Starr’s wedding week with my entire family at an Airbnb for a long weekend and such a great celebration. It ended with one of my sisters and I spending a weekend in Seattle and then a Cruise to Alaska, then a weekend…

A toast to Ryan and Starr

I am both so privildged and overwhelmed to be the only parent here tonight. I can’t let this opportunity pass without acknowledging that this moment would not be possible, Ryan, without your dad who would have loved ever moment of this whole entire year. It is because of his deep love, devotion, hard work and…

Dear August, I’m not a fan

My car has a feature where you can change the rearview mirror from an actual mirror to a camera view from the rear of the vehicle. When I first used it, it gave me a headache. It was as if my brain knew I should have been seeing a reflection and this was just not…

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