Scripture Writing

I’m an avid journaler.  Probably because I don’t think anyone except God cares what I have to say.  Recently a couple of people have told me I should write more – so this is my attempt.

I do scripture writing in my journal (shameless plug – love Bullet Journals – it’s like lines but doesn’t have to be straight).  I find some savvy person on Pinterest that has put together something cool and steal their idea.  I’m currently following Woman of Noble Character, honestly, because her verses are thematic and short.  April’s theme has been healing and I have to admit that after focusing the entire month on scriptures of healing, praying for the sick and thinking about COVID-19, I only today (yes, April 30th) actually looked up the meaning of the word heal (I am a slow learner Shirley Jamieson!)  and learned that the word in fact means “to be sound and healthy again”.  Sound as an adjective means in good condition, not damaged, injured, or diseased.  But healed inherently means that we once we’re broken and really may never be in good condition again.  If I am healed I will have scars, I will be a bit taped together, there will be evidence of previous hurts.  I fear that most times when I pray for healing I’m actually seeking restoration which means to bring back, or reinstate, I want my hurts and scars to be erased.  But the reality is we only get healing here on earth, and it’s not guaranteed.  We can be sound and healthy again, but restoration really comes from eternal life when this life is done and we are made whole in Christ.  In the meantime, I limp along, broken, scarred, ugly … but useful to those around me who are also broken, scarred and ugly.  I’m guilty of not praying for healing but praying to make my pain go away when my prayer should be, use my pain for your glory! 

Heal me Lord, then in fact means, take this broken vessel, slap some tape on it and use me for your glory until the day I am restored and in your kingdom forever!

Even if you wear a mask today – smile at folks – we need it!

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