The process

Everyone loves the product but not the process! After last weeks devo about the Jesus Jar, several people I talked to really liked the idea. I think mine turned out really cute. It turned out way more terrarium, diorama than I envisioned but I like it. I dug through all my craft drawers and found things that represented stuff I need to just lay at the feet of Jesus. It was very therapeutic.

Part of the process

The product:

Some observations:

I love the product, the process was UGLY! I’ve been having a little work done around my house, I love the product the process is dragging on driving me INSANE. The outside work keeps having rain delays. I bought some super cute industrial shelves off of Etsy for my laundry room reno, they went up May 4, fell down May 16th, but were re-installed on the 18th. I’ve always come up with these hairbrained, cockamamie ideas, but lived with an engineer for 30 years who always made them work, he never complained, he just made them work. He was so good at it that I had no idea how crazy these ideas were! Now I’m driving this sweet handyman insane with my crazy ideas. I fear he will not stick around as long as the engineer did, or I may be the death of him too (yikes!).

From conception to process to finished product seems like forever! We live in an Instant Pot, Microwave world. It amazes me that we even have the patience to grow anything from seed these days. I remember having babies and thinking they will NEVER sleep through the night, (in my defense I had one that didn’t until 5th grade, or maybe that’s just when I quit caring due to shear exhaustion), you think they’ll never talk, then you think they’ll never shut up (I had one not talking at 18 months, got tubes in his ears and has literally never shut up!), you can’t wait for them to walk then long for the days they were strapped in a bucket and it goes on and on. We lack the ability to live in the moment and appreciate the now and I got no real remedy for that! Well maybe just the awareness that comes with age — it all flies by so fast — even if it’s awful, just know this too shall pass!

The thing about it is … no matter how good or bad we are at making choices – life is HARD!!! But it really is impossible to find joy in the hard. Faith is a huge part of it. God really is good all the time and when we are in the process we can still look up from the muck and see that he is and know the sun will come out, maybe not tomorrow, but it will come back, and you will too, because we are a work in progress. Only in the process will I ever make progress.