Pfysical year

In the corporate world it is common for companies to have a fiscal year that does not coincide with the calendar year. Over the Christmas Break I saw lots of people posting about all these new plans they had for the new year. A new diet, a new read-the-bible-in-a-year plan, an new exercise regiment, etc. Several of those things looked interesting to me but by the time they were all divulging their plans I was left scrambling to catch up feeling very behind the curve and ended up doing none of them. I couldn’t psych myself up to tackle something new in a couple of days.

I’ve decided that I need to have a New Year that doesn’t start on January 1. But will I have a fiscal year or a physical year? Which, of course, sent me to dictionary. Fiscal refers to taxation, public debt, public revenues or finance in general. I certainly don’t want anything to do with those things! Physical on the other hand relates to natural science, material existence or material things. It can also relate to the body, carnal, sexual or forcefully rough behavior. I vote neither of those work for me. Some use the abbreviation BC (before Christ) BY (before Yavin in Star Wars) but mine would have to be BS (before school) that’s probably not a good idea.

So I’m creating my own word PFYSICAL–P because I like it, I’m making it up and it’s my word, FY -meaning to make, SIC – intentionally so written and AL pertaining to, therefore, from here on the word is PFYSICAL – pertaining to being intentional! I am looking forward to beginning my Pfysical year! But when? I thought June 1, but in the educational world May is THE WORST month ever. One year I lost my cell phone in May and found it two years later in a file, in a file drawer. I seem to lose something, I mean in addition to my mind, every May. So I’ve decided The-PSV Pfysical year will begin on July 1st. That gives me the month of June to regroup and make my big plans for the year to come. I will reach my New Year’s Day on July 1 refreshed, revived, ready to conquer the world (theoretically).

The thing about it is. …we need a fresh start. We need to take time to prepare to start fresh, to start over, to reset, regain optimism, perspective, slough off the old. And if I am not intentional about something it is never going to happen! I’m going to start in the back of mind preparing for my pfysical year now so come the big day on July 1st I will be pumped, planned, prepared and primed to start fresh. Let’s get pfyscial!!

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