Snow day!!!

Thank God every day for the wisdom and protection of his law, but don’t ask it to do for you what only his amazing grace can do.

Paul David Tripp

We lived in Utah when our youngest was born. They never heard of a “snow day.” But then again, they got snow, not usually ice, they knew how to manage it and people actually knew how to drive in it. One of the many reasons I love Texas is Snow Days! We don’t get them very often, but what a beautiful gift they are, most of their beauty comes from the fact that, weatherly speaking, they just aren’t all that bad. Their rarity adds to their beauty. They are like that extra hour you get when the time changes, they are true illustrations of the gift of grace, don’t focus on that ‘you have to give it back part.’

We’re on the third Head of School since I’ve been at CTCS (I started in 2004). Some of them have been more generous with snow days than others. Some of us like snow days better than others. I don’t know how many snow days we’ve had in that time period but according to the weather man this is only the third time it has snowed significantly in Central Texas since 2000, when we moved here (April 7, 2007, February 23, 2010, Matt Hines, KXXV). Nobody counts ice storms, while they also get us out of school on occasion there is not one good thing about having to be out when it’s icy!

Ironically today is also National Clean Off Your Desk Day, as well as National Arkansas Day, National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, National Milk Day, and National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day. I guess you get to pick how seriously you want to take this day. Will you be concerned about human trafficking or just splash your friend in a puddle? Who decides these days? How many can there actually be for one day? All that really matters is that you were given another day, it is in fact a gift. And that gift is attached to a choice: How will I use today? I wasted a lot of the morning sipping a cup a tea, contemplating this devotion, but it was in my pajamas and house shoes watching the snow melt and drip from the trees. I may or may not take down my Christmas tree. Regardless I will revel in the gift that is today.

Tuesday is not a snow day, but it is still a gift. Still I must get up and decide what I will do with this gift. I pray I choose wisely!

As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace:

I Peter 4:10

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